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Serveur de restaurants apportant un plat d'insectesIn France :

Currently there is still no insect restaurant in France, which means there is no restaurant that offers only dishes made with insects. Some people think about it, it really could happen anywhere and at any moment... but at the time of writing, there is nothing.

The legal vacuum on entomophagy does not support opening a restaurant at the moment, however it is clearly only a matter of time. As stated by the Department of Agriculture, "In developed countries, and in the European Union, the media coverage given to this issue reflects the fact that it is becoming increasingly possible to eat insects."

Watch this space!

Meanwhile, you can find some Asian, Mexican or Japanese restaurants that offer the occasional insect dish.

Insect restaurants in the Netherlands:

Some restaurants have included insects on their menu.
All the addresses are listed on this site:, rubrique "Waar eten ?".

Insect restaurants in London, We have only found one restaurant here so far. We are arranging a visit and will post the result as soon as we have been there.

And if you have the chance to go to the United States (New York and California) or of course to Laos, Thailand, Japan or elsewhere in Asia, open your eyes! Here are some examples of what you might enjoy...


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