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Insectes à croquer
Insectes comestibles

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Manger des insectes à la maison : les commandes d’insectes prêts à déguster !

French websites:

Three websites provide insects for sale. Although they generally offer the same products, there are a few differences, in what they provide as well as the service :

- A range of sweet insects, mostly lollipops, and also salted insects all prepared in France exclusively from carefully selected and controlled raw materials. Farms are certified by a consulting firm in connection with a government food safety organisation. The host of the website, who is the French pioneer in entomophagy, has his own farm in Brittany. He also regularly offers tastings throughout France. He can easily be contacted by phone (listed on the website), he answers your questions with great kindness and is very well informed. Try the small appetizer tray without any delay! Insectes à croquer

- Worms, grasshoppers and crickets in different styles. The Insects are purchased abroad and some are cooked in France. Among the sweet insects, there are scorpion lollipops in various flavours, sweets with insects or butterflies and ants with chocolate coating. The website makes you want to try everything and the information seems clear but unfortunately it is sometimes incomplete (for example they list shepherd's pie with insects but the recipe doesn’t include the ingredients). The "contact" section of the website didn’t reply to our questions, but let’s give it a chance…

- Sweet candy butterfly consisting of a larva together with leaves of bougainvillea. Traditional lollies of different perfumes, or transparent coloured apple-flavoured sweets containing ants. A total of nine varieties of sweets and eight different bags of crickets, each prepared with a sauce or flavour (BBQ taste, Cheddar etc.). However, the online store is not exclusively dedicated to the sale of edible insects.

Bonbons et sucettes d'insectes Insectes grillés en apéritifs Toasts d'insectes

Elsewhere :


Live from Thailand, we change dimension. Forget lollipops, but here we have a scorpion infused in a bottle of Vodka. And above all, many kinds of insects, some of them rare, to taste once you have managed to remove them from their trendy aluminum pouch. Amex and Paypal accepted.


Scorpion vodka in a different format, a few lollipops, giant toasted ants, chocolate covered ants and something original, a pot of honey with a giant hornet “swimming” inside. Insects have been specially bred for human consumption and comply with all food safety rules.


Similar products to the website above. As for "edible.com" you will have to be patient to taste the insects because only a few products were available in stock when we checked.

Brochettes d'insectes Grillons avec oeufs Bonbons de larves

And the rest :

http://www.candyfavorites.com and http://www.hotlix.com

from the United States. They focus on providing sweets in large quantities.

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